The new UK law to travel to India is not in line with India. A national decision has been made that the vaccinated Indians who took Covishield’s, set up by the Indian Center of India, will meet with them for ten days. Because according to the UK, Covishield’s drug is not approved, so immigrants who have been vaccinated are considered to be uninfected.

India is currently on the Amber countries list according to a plan adopted by the UK. They divided the country into three sections, the red letter, the embassy letter, and the green travel letter. Harsh Vardhan Shringla, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in India, stated in a statement: “Assistance in accepting British injections of AstraZeneca and not Covishield’s has been raised. Negotiations are ongoing, but if we are not satisfied, we have a right.

Although the UK has decided to ease the rules for people who have been vaccinated with two Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines, the country has not yet taken a similar drug developed by the Serum Institute of India, Pune.

Visitors from the Amber country narrative should try three days before visiting the UK. It should be noted that visitors who do not have a bad COVID 19 test report before leaving will be charged $ 500. Amber lists visitors who should check out COVID-19 on the second day of arrival.