The Competition and Marketing Company has filed a lawsuit against Festival Teletext for lack of progress and reimbursement for raising holiday subscribers.

In May, the government announced the signing of contracts between Truly Holdings, the company that manages Teletext Holidays, and its subsidiary, which operates, promising to reimburse customers for a vacation package for vacations canceled during illness.

Following a review of Truly Holdings’ latest report on growth and depreciation, wrote to Truly Holdings on Sept. 16 stating that it will take the company to court if it does not act quickly to increase its earnings, receiving refunds on client packages for the holidays.

CMA does not believe that Truly Holdings has done enough to refund extraordinary returns to holiday customers, including recent cancellations, or to ensure recovery of all future returns within fourteen days of law.

CMA filed a lawsuit asking the court to order the return of the actual refund and, furthermore, that the customer entitled to the refund be returned within 14 days.

CMA will also ask the court to order Truly Holdings to put in place appropriate procedures to ensure future compliance with the law.

Since CMA suspects Holdings is actually illegal and harmful to the ongoing market, CMA wants to act quickly, so that the case can be heard sooner rather than later.

However, the trial date will be determined by the court.

Andrea Coscelli, CEO of CMA, said: “Companies must comply with customer safety regulations and treat their customers fairly.

“After a very long delay in telecommunications, we are asking the court to ensure that the company pays its customers immediately and that it pays people within 14 days, in the future.”

Rory Boland, what? The travel coordinator said more needs to be done to address the problem of corporate inequality.

He said: “It is not accepted that Teletext Holidays has not paid all refunds for canceled holidays and has not met the statutory 14-day requirement, so competition and market competition is helpful in initiating litigation.

“Teletext is one of many travel service providers who have tried to abandon their legal services to reimburse customers for canceled trips, underscoring the need for a change in the business.

“The government will work to ensure the safety of travelers, where airline executives and competitors in the retail market should be given a strong mandate to take action against companies that violate consumer laws, including the right to apply sanctions if necessary.”