Abu Dhabi has new rules for entering public places

Under the new law, Abu Dhabi will now only allow victims, residents, and visitors to public places. You must have an Alhosn device on your phone, which is a COVID 19 device in AFA. This plan should show the green form of public access. The person will then be allowed to enter the area dressed in white.

 This will remain green for 30 days. Otherwise, the condition will be green for those who have not been vaccinated without severe PCR responses. The condition will be mild for seven days for such.

For children under the age of 16, the condition will then manifest itself in an unknown green, and they will be allowed to enter public places. Anyone who is not screened, if they pass the PCR exam, will accept white positions and will be barred from entering public places in Abu Dhabi.

It has also been reported that those who receive a new residence permit get 60 days protection period.

But more importantly, it has also been said that to maintain the drug profile in the program, people should receive the preventive drug as soon as possible every six months. People who took their second medication within the last six months will be together for 30 days burning the condition before it turns to dust.

Aud Dhabi’s new rules apply to public travel places such as restaurants, restaurants, schools, universities, shops, shopping malls, gymnasiums, health clubs, museums, stadiums, parks, and more. Abu Dhabi Tamala