The Covid-19 epidemic Health and safety have changed the travel industry in ways we never thought possible. According to Deloitte’s Global Consumer Surveillance Country, consumer concerns are stable, rising from 21% to 45% over the next two months. They want to change their thinking. Surprisingly, those who choose to stay longer have a better chance of completely shutting themselves down and rebuilding. A study by Deloitte shows that the idea of a next three-month holiday visit is to see trends. With less usage, fewer trips, and fewer trips, people are saving a lot of money to increase their desire to escape and eventually stay, wrote Rajat Mahajan, partner, Deloitte India. Insights Adapted from interviews:

What travel routes have you defined for 2021?

Holiday travel in the next three months will increase compared to previous waves in Deloitte’s global state of consumer surveillance (preventative medicines are also finding hope in returning people in normal). Our research showed that it showed a reduction in stress while traveling when hotel prices rose from an average of 46% to 55%. Deloitte. 55 percent of respondents now feel safer flying compared to 50 percent in the first stage. In terms of accommodation, more than half of guests choose hotels that offer health and safety. It will be a new attraction. I talked about the budget a few months later, that the Health travel industry could take a step towards the protection and cleanliness of some tourist destinations, hotels, and transportation destinations (in space). This program can be used to promote the interests of the player. Timber and digital transmission concerns, as well as future travel and decision-making, take place through major AR / VR channels. Over the past year, we’ve seen many practices and accommodations constantly improve and bring ideas such as moving to an independent island, exciting trips and returns to art galleries, and renovating office buildings and office lines (telecommuting near beaches and mountains).

You talked about buildings and working at home/hotel / anywhere, you don’t know if you see a lot of art with stupid time constraints?

Virtual jobs are available for short-term use and new employees want to still choose jobs. This gives them more time to plan the movement they want to be, whether they meet or not. Socks rose to nearly 47 percent of Deloitte’s customers, up 43 percent from the previous year. People sometimes have the opportunity to transcend environmental changes and increase their nutritional potential. These trends are observed near hotels and resorts with lots of accommodation, and you can’t offer much on the weekends. Some groups of visitors, such as Health families and children, are not vaccinated, so be careful and avoid overcrowding. Given the start of this step and the number of closures closed in the last 6-8 months, prices may rise further, as the hotel pays attention to the costs of renting and managing clothes, salary, and electricity bills.

Not just health and safety, but do you think it also cares about other players?

As conditions change rapidly, new ones arrive, immigration policies often change. Cyclists are eager to go to distant places and there is some annoyance that they may miss. These patterns can develop if a large portion of the population is not vaccinated. The anxiety waves rose 5 percent (40 percent) from the first wave in India. Although India is concerned, we have also seen increasing global stress in regions such as South Africa (11%) and Chile (3%). Health problems are great: 80 percent of respondents care about physical health and 85 percent of respondents care about their family’s health. A gradual increase in Health financial stress was observed in 54% of respondents who were worried about lifestyle, compared to 51% in the past. Again, sixty-five percent of responses controlled regular controller sales compared to 63 percent in the past. Compared to 62 percent who were worried about losing their last job, the current 3 percent is up.

Vaccine doctors are important to reduce stress and increase people’s self-confidence.

Concerns about getting back to work have dropped from 27 percent to 25 percent now that judges and all six factors could increase. According to recent news that EU countries have received the Indian Health Covid vaccine, foreigners are expected to live abroad.

How do you see this disease changing the travel industry?

Examples such as heavy traffic, limited group travel, population (for those who can afford it), commitment to fast operations, significant physical problems, WFH (even a few days a week), and work organization stay here. New improvements, such as numbers and passports with travel networks, absurd trips, and science answers, are growing and faster than we expected.

Announced the increase in the number of holiday trips, experts believe the same reaction has occurred. When does the company visit end?

Protection and the need to travel are two confusing factors that put a lot of pressure on manufacturing companies to remove barriers. On the one hand, companies and individuals have to regularly attend meetings, close, visit markets to sell new products, and on the other hand, less travel has helped organizations reduce prices. In the first case, travel costs are about 2 percent of the cost of necessities in the manufacturing sector and could be 7-9 percent of current technology and business services. This cement completely hit the mental body before going back to the old motor systems. It usually takes 1-2 sessions to find a new way to move your body.