On Monday, the IRDAI governor recommended joint travel insurance to compare the status of insurance, discounts, and family insurance on international travel. Types provide a standard travel insurance product with standard industry-wide combinations and benchmarks provided by the Insurance Regulation and Development Agency (IRDAI) when displaying “Travel Insurance Examples” images.

The plan, for which IRDAI requested suggestions from government partners on January 6, 2021, includes statements and terms, customer information, and the use of documents.

IRDAI offers standards for travel insurance

The model is included in travel insurance and international insurance.

The insurance company pays the insurance premium to the heirs/lawyers of the currency known in the foreign insurance and cause of death within 36 days.

If a child under the age of 18 dies unexpectedly, the insurance premium is reduced to 50 percent of the total insurance premium.

If home or travel insurance is caused by an accident caused by the insurer that results in the death of the resident within 36 days of the event, the company will pay compensation as interest Insurance.

Travel insurance also covers cases such as loss of aircraft, loss of suitcase, return, loss of passports, and return of corpses.

The law does not cover any medical travel.