Tui Group decided to spend $ 1.1 billion on new ones as they continue to recover from the Covid-19 virus. 523 million new shares will be issued, ten new titles for twenty-two shares.

“Given the transformation in the industrial sector and the resumption of movement in recent months, we are now committed to restructuring and reducing the use of government debt. “We want, we can and we will find a way to return the economy to the government.

“We work hard.

“The new Travel agency company will be thinner, more comfortable, and more efficient.

“But they will continue to create a platform for tourism, style, design, and support,” said Tui Fritz Joussen CEO. The unnamed Mordashov family supports the law and, because of its large Tui base, is trying to exercise all the rights to increase the share by 32% and register a fair share.

Covered by Barclays Bank Ireland, BofA Securities, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and HSBC, almost all of the world headquarters operates are controlled by accountants and accountants. Commerzbank, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and Natixis serve as registrars. TUI aims to use the utility network to reduce interest rates and taxes and to control spending within KFW.