During the upcoming ATTA websites, we invite you to find out about the various events in the Amazon and Ancash regions of Peru, all of which were in-depth reviews at Adventure Week Peru in April. In addition to the Peruvian exhibition, it is a country destroyed by other unknown countries waiting to be discovered. The first two websites lead you to a trusted website hidden from one of the largest pre-Inca cultures: Chachapoyas. Join us to understand the wisdom of these ancestors and why they chose this type of dream courtship as their place of residence. Discover a forested land surrounded by dangerous waterfalls and many animals. travel Locally located and suitable for holidaymakers, this area of northern Peru offers some outdoor activities, immersed in culture and respect for history.

Join this site to learn about:

  • Walk in the woods with Octa Falls 770 meters
  • Fort Kuélap, an old land service site with hundreds of buildings
  • Mausoleums Krause Sarcophagi and Revash
  • The distraction and crafts of modern Huancas
  • The culture and history of the Chachapaya, especially the Incas