The Traveler industry has once again reached its full potential and is growing faster than expected.

According to the results report, planned trips rose 29% per month and 344% in full from the first full week of 2021. A quick return to planned Traveler trips provided a new one. Understanding and embracing these plans will help players gain confidence and plan their travel plans to meet the needs of new players. Join Jay Richmond, Head of Amadeus Business Marketing Solutions, and Priya Patel, Vice President of Travel Marketing, as they share the most talked-about travel in 2021.

In this webinar, we will discuss why companies accept brands such as:

  • Transfer of workers to transported countries
  • Increasing workspace
  • provide long -term funding to alleviate regulatory measures
  • Face-to-face visits facilitate product communication and other innovations
  • Contact us to see what features you can add to your travel system and support emerging needs