Sam Chui was born on November 7, 1980, in Beijing, China. From a young age, his parents moved to Hong Kong. As a teenager, Chui would go to Kai Tak airport and see planes coming and going and this sparked his interest in planes. He studied at King’s College in Hong Kong for secondary school and then at an Australian university with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of New South Wales. He moved to the United Arab Emirates in early 2011 to work in one of the largest economies in the Raja

In 1999, Chui launched a website, posting photos of the plane. It developed into an event related to current aviation. He is best known for the photo over the Los Angeles International Airport taken in a helicopter. In 2007, he opened his YouTube channel and became very popular. Some of his videos have raised over 60 million. Chui has traveled to more than 100 countries and piloted 2,000 aircraft. He has traveled more than 300,000 kilometers a year to test aircraft and distribute his research. In 2019 Chui was invited to board a beautiful Boeing 747-SP belonging to the Qatari royal family and flew in four hours from Hamilton, Canada, to Marana, Arizona, as the only passenger. In 2019 he flew to Rome on a Boeing 747 El Al Israel and on his departure, he met the tourist Ephraim Kamisar.