Most recently, at the 2nd Annual World Travel Tech Awards 2022, Qatar Tourism received the World’s Best Tourism Authority Website and the Middle East’s Best Tourism Authority Website awards.

To date, Qatar Tourism (QT) has won 13 international digital awards, which is evidence of its achievement in modernizing digital assets and introducing novel, customized, and data-driven experiences.

The 2nd Annual World Travel Tech Awards 2022 presented Qatar Tourism with the World’s Best Tourism Authority Website and the Middle East’s Best Tourism Authority Website awards. These awards, which were chosen by travel industry experts, the media, and customers from across the world, honor Qatar Tourism’s dedication to excellence.

The prestigious Adobe Experience Maker Award 2022 in the category of “The Orchestrator” was also won by Qatar Tourism this summer for its remarkable orchestration of the consumer journey across several channels, geographies, languages, and platforms. The triumph was gained as a consequence of Qatar Tourism’s digital marketing operations, which included the Visit Qatar website and mobile app, which are now available in eight languages, including English, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Turkish, and most recently Chinese.

The Visit Qatar Mobile Application was also recently recognized by Qatar Tourism with a bronze prize at the Digital Communication Awards 2022, which has been honoring exceptional online initiatives and campaigns since 2011. The top five websites also included the QT website Visit Qatar.

Berthold Trenkel, chief operating officer of Qatar Tourism, stated, “We are thrilled that our digital activities continue to be recognized by prominent organizations across the world. We must stay at the forefront of the tourism business as one of the tourist destinations with the fastest growth rates in the globe.

Recognizing that personalization is the future of travel requirements, we created the Visit Qatar Mobile Application to be a user-centric digital travel companion, tailoring suggestions of local attractions and areas of interest depending on user preferences. A superior and unforgettable experience in Qatar is made possible by the availability of such carefully crafted information to our tourists.

In addition, Qatar Tourism took home five digital honors from the Horizon Interactive Awards 2021, including the Best in Category for Web Towns & Municipalities, the Best in Category for Web Travel and Tourism, and the Gold in the Global Campaign for Social Media Strategy.

QT also received two dotCOMM awards, one for the Visit Qatar website and one for the Visit Qatar mobile application, demonstrating the success of these initiatives. By its 2030 Tourism Strategy, Qatar Tourism has been able to reach travelers with messages that are more precise, timely, and customized thanks to personalization and content customization depending on user preferences.