Last week in Miami, a customer who allegedly used psilocybin, a hallucinogen present in certain mushrooms, before boarding a United Airlines aircraft was detained for allegedly attacking two flight attendants.

Mr. Cherruy Loghan According to court records, Sevilla is accused of interfering with a flight crew and assaulting two flight attendants.

United Airlines flight 2116 from Miami International Airport to Washington Dulles International Airport had the incident on October 4.

Shannon Quill, the public defender for Sevilla, stated that it is against office policy to speak on specific cases.

Sevilla was going up and down the aisle of the aircraft, pacing noisily close to the pilot, and uttering profanities.

When the plane touched down, Sevilla was detained and transferred to the Dulles office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sevilla admitted to using psilocybin before boarding the plane in an encounter with detectives that took place several hours after his detention, according to the affidavit.

Sevilla apparently said that he had used the substance before.

“Sevilla said that he was not entirely shocked by the manner he behaved after taking it. Sevilla expressed regret for his behavior, “Affidavit claims.

Long-lasting hallucinations are brought on by the illegal drug psilocybin, which can also bring on panic attacks and psychosis in big doses.

In another incident, according to an affidavit, Sevilla accessed a locked restroom while it was occupied, shattering a piece of plastic off the door.

Sevilla was criticized for “not being proper” by a parent and daughter seated nearby. The document records their claims that Sevilla grabbed the daughter’s arm.

A flight attendant instructed Sevilla to take his seat after he had been lying on the floor, but Sevilla allegedly sprang up and attacked the person. The flight attendant who was attempting to detain Sevilla allegedly had his arm twisted.