In order to facilitate high-level summaries of data on foreign travel within the region as member economies safely resume cross-border movement, the APEC developed a single-stop portal on Tuesday.

This year, one of Thailand’s priorities is to rebuild the connection that was damaged by the pandemic. To do this, Thailand is supporting the resuming of safe cross-border travel throughout the APEC area, reviving tourism, making commercial operations easier, and increasing investment in health security.

According to Pongsadhorn, the web offers information on health-related measures while having a strong travel and tourist focus.

This simply serves to highlight how crucial cross-agency cooperation is to handling the pandemic or other shocks in our economies.

It seeks to give clear explanations of travel procedures and draws on official resources, such as participating member economies, for summaries and information.

There are still some COVID-19-related regulations in place, such as health declarations, mask requirements, and providing proof of vaccinations, even as we open up our borders and loosen travel restrictions.

The Safe Passage Taskforce was created by APEC during Thailand’s year as host to create and carry out efforts for safe passage, such as those involving immunization records.

The committee has concentrated on connection and ways to guarantee that borders remain accessible in the case of upcoming shocks or another pandemic as travel restrictions throughout the world have loosened.

Travelers will be assisted in navigating the many approaches we have in the area by an information center that is clear, straightforward, and organized. When arranging their travels across APEC, they can use this webpage.

They hope that more economies will join this project in order to help promote travel as much as possible.

On Tuesday (November 15), when they inaugurated the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week hosted by Thailand, key authorities met in Bangkok and announced the opening of the information site.