When Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park reopens on November 13, visitors will once more go on frigid adventures in the warm Florida sun and find new additions from the Walt Disney Animation Studios film Frozen, it will be a ski-riffic time at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Children will enjoy Olaf and his Snowgie buddy’s statuettes in the warm wading pool as well as Anna and Elsa’s igloo castle as part of the new Frozen attractions that will be a part of the kid-sized thrills of Tike’s Peak, which is a favorite among young visitors.

A more festive feeling will be present in the water park, which has warm water throughout. This year, special holiday delicacies, snowfall, and festive inner tubes will be available from now until December 31. For the full Florida Christmas experience, visitors may even see Santa Claus costumed in a tropical setting.

Visitors may once again enjoy well-liked features and activities, including slushy and slick ski jumps, bobsled and toboggan tracks, and arctic play areas for the whole family. My favorites include:

One of the highest and swiftest freefall body slides is called Summit Plummet. The thrilling attraction launches visitors into a pitch-black tunnel after plunging them almost vertically down Mount Gushmore. It’s a place designed specifically with thrill-seekers in mind!

One of the world’s longest group whitewater rafting excursions is Steamboat Springs, where up to six riders may go on an exhilarating and unexpected whitewater experience.

In the unusual attraction Toboggan Racers, visitors use a mat to engage in a thrilling downhill race down an eight-lane waterslide in a slalom manner.

Cross Country Creek is a picturesque lazy river that transports visitors on an arctic trip while gliding through intriguing tunnels, lit grottoes, and relaxing in the cool spring water of Mount Gushmore across the polar wonderland.

Three radically different inner-tube waterslides are available at Runoff Rapids for visitors to choose from as they twist and flip their way down Mount Gushmore.