An online visitor card and access to the terminal’s post-security area will be made available to non-travelers, says the Ontario International Airport, which is about 40 miles east of Los Angeles.

ONT+ offers a way to safely and securely repeat a portion of that experience from decades ago, so these non-travelers may either wait for loved ones at the gate or chat with them before they go.

To get through TSA security checkpoints, one can utilize the free ONT+ software as a ticket.

According to Dean Brown, the ONT Public Safety Administrator, “we all remember the joy of being able to meet arriving relatives and friends as they step off the plane.”

In order to receive a permit, non-travelers must apply online within seven days of their planned visit.

The pass will be emailed to them after it has been accepted. ONT+ visitor passes that have been printed won’t be honored.

The same TSA security regulations that apply to passengers will now apply to non-travelers, including not carrying big liquids. The ONT+ pass is not currently compatible with TSA PreCheck or Clear.

This flashback transports visitors to a time before 9/11 when it was feasible to escort loved ones to and from the gate. The newest airport to provide this service is the Ontario International Airport.

The Seattle Tacoma Airport now provides a SEA Visitor Pass that enables non-ticketed guests to register for access to the secure area of the airport.

 Similar initiatives were previously trialed at other airports, including as Pittsburgh International Airport and Tampa International Airport, but they have since been discontinued.