The tourism director for Cornwall has blasted “bloody visitors” who disrespect people in the coastal area. Millions of tourists travel to the westernmost county in the UK each year for vacation.

However, some of these tourists are “emmets,” claims Malcolm Bell, the departing chief executive of Visit Cornwall. Emmet is a derogatory Cornish slang term for visitors that comes from the ancient English word for ant.

On one level, there are friends, visitors, tourists, violent tourists, and emmets. In an interview with regional news outlet Cornwall Live, Bell remarked, “You can quote me on it.

Our objective is to attract friends, visitors, and tourists who understand us. We must then work to convert the bloodthirsty tourists, but we must ignore the uncomfortable individuals who constantly ask, “Why don’t you have this?” and “Why don’t you have that?”

Why are some Cornish residents annoyed by tourists?

Cornwall is renowned for its rocky coastline, clear waterways, and quaint settlements. In the summer, when tens of thousands of tourists arrive in the area, it is also infamous for excessive traffic and congestion.

Cornwall receives over 4 million visitors annually, much outnumbering the 560,000 people who live there. The local economy depends on tourism, yet some residents are tired of all the tourists.

Due to second-home owners driving up prices, Cornish property prices are among the highest in the nation. Most of the year, these vacation homes are frequently vacant.

In fact, Bell, who is in charge of luring tourists to the area, acknowledges he previously possessed a hat urging people to avoid the area.

I was wearing a hat with the words “Go home emmet” printed on it when my mother took a picture of me; otherwise, you may have it.

That’s because when I was passing by Falmouth in the early 1976s, these great young men from Birmingham asked me where the closest Indian restaurant was.

In my ignorance, I replied with Plymouth, which was the best answer I could think of at the moment. For those who wish to rent out their homes as vacation rentals, Mr. Bell supports local governments requiring mandatory registration.

The Independent newspaper quoted Mr. Bell as saying that his intended message had not been “adequately transmitted.

I was trying to make the point that there are very, very few tourists who do not like, love, or care about Cornwall, and they are the ones who irritate locals and do not show respect, leading to getting called negatively.

My argument was that a tourism board’s responsibility should be to tailor its marketing and extend invitations to individuals who will share our passion for Cornwall.

A number of billions of euros are expected to be spent on the project if it proceeds. According to Meloni, she will request financial assistance from the EU.

On December 5 in Brussels, Salvini said he would talk about the project. The construction, he continued, would begin in two years and would be finished in about five years.

One of my goals is to get started on building the Strait Bridge. Along with causing pollution and wasting time, the transshipment of ferries costs more to the public annually than building the bridge would.