The greatest Disneyland enthusiasts will once more find it simpler and more affordable to frequent the happiest place on Earth on a daily basis.

Disneyland has started selling the Magic Key multi-tier yearly pass, one of its most well-liked ticket choices, after a protracted hiatus.

As of right now, new sales are being accepted for The Inspire ($1599), Believe ($1099), and Imagine ($449 for Southern California residents only).

The Enchant Key ($699) is still not available for purchase. After making a down payment on new purchases, residents of California may use a monthly payment plan.

You may buy Magic Key passes offline or online. Additionally, existing Magic Key owners can upgrade their pass to a higher tier.

Theme park bookings in advance and special deals on some goods, food, and retail are available to visitors with Magic Keys.

The Magic Key, a multi-tiered system that allows for yearly visits to the theme park with different blackout dates, benefits, and discounts for each pass, was first presented by Disneyland in 2021.

New purchases have been halted, however, renewals for current Magic Key owners have been accessible.

The highest tier, Inspire, offers free standard theme park parking, limitless Disney PhotoPass digital picture downloads, 20% off Disney Genie+ service, and 20% off a selection of goods, food, and beverages.

It also allows visitors to hold up to six park reservations at once. Holders of Believe Magic Keys are eligible for discounts on up to six park reservations, unlimited Disney PhotoPass digital photo downloads, 20% off Disney Genie+ service, and 10% off a limited selection of goods, food, and beverages.

Only available to residents of Southern California, The Imagine Key gives visitors access to up to 2 park reservations at once, 25% off regular theme park parking, 20% off Disney Genie+ service, and 10% off a limited selection of goods, food, and drinks.

The announcement follows several adjustments to ticket prices at domestic US Disney Parks. Walt Disney World made a price increase announcement for its yearly passholder program and one-day, one-park entry.