With more than a dozen attractions and hotel choices, Relaxation at Rainier is a new seasonal itinerary from Mt. Rainier Tourism and Sports (Travel Tacoma) that will help visitors unwind this winter.

The schedule is suitable for easy planning of a trip to Mount Rainier, Washington State’s most known landmark, and its neighboring cities.

The schedule includes stops in the sleepy mountain communities of Sumner, Elbe, Eatonville, and Ashford in addition to a full day spent seeing the national park at what many consider its most idyllic and solitary time of year.

This step-by-step manual provides a road map for three days and two nights of mental recharge. Following the route will lead travelers to quiet bookstores in Sumner, peaceful paths in Ashford, Eatonville, and up at Mount Rainier, a horse-drawn winter trail ride in Elbe, and up-close experiences with some of the largest, most comfortable animals in North America: the American Bison.

Food stops include the greatest, freshest blackberry pie in the state, an actual train dining car restaurant, small-town mom-and-pop cafes, and an authentic Ukrainian eatery close to Mount Rainier as fuel for such a tranquil excursion.

The quality of your accommodations may make or break your trip. The nighttime adventures on Relaxation at Rainier revolve around that peak of rustic winter luxury: the sharp bite of mountain air contrasted with the radiance of fire.

lodge fireplaces on fire. the exterior of cabins, fires in fire pits. As part of the Cannibal Hot Tub in Ashford, there are fires beneath the cauldron you are relaxing in.

Even just catching a glimpse of the distant peak serves as a harsh reminder that some of the finest things occur at an almost glacial pace. This winter, we urge tourists to take it easy and travel the leisurely route through rural Pierce County.

The pre-planned itineraries provided by Travel Tacoma – Mt. Rainier Tourism and Sports are merely a list of suggested stops that are accessible to travelers and potential travelers visiting Pierce County.

There is no necessity to make reservations or follow a predetermined timetable, and they are free to use.