In-person registration and renewal costs will now be less expensive.

By lowering the application fee for its TSA PreCheck program, the Transportation Security Administration is making the well-liked service more widely available.

The TSA has reduced the registration and in-person renewal fee from its initial $85 price to $78, which is now required. Online renewal will continue to cost $70.

This is the perfect time to sign up for or renew TSA PreCheck for people and families who have travel plans during the holidays.

If you fulfill the requirements for TSA PreCheck registration, you can benefit from fewer physical interactions, fewer things on the conveyor belt, and quick inspection.

TSA PreCheck is a quick airport security procedure that involves a separate screening line and doesn’t require travelers to take anything out of their carry-on bags, such as their shoes or their computers.

The method can reduce wait times at the airport. For instance, the organization said that 93% of TSA PreCheck travelers waited less than five minutes at airport security in September.

First-time program applicants must submit an online application before making a physical appointment at one of the more than 500 enrollment sites in the US, including stores like Staples.

Travelers must submit to a background investigation, which includes fingerprinting. The initiative will grant those who have accepted a five-year membership. Online renewals are possible.

More than 85 member airlines accept TSA PreCheck at more than 200 airports nationwide. The organization’s first-ever overseas site was inaugurated earlier this year at the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau, Bahamas.

Beyond TSA PreCheck, passengers wishing to speed up screening can sign up for Clear, which employs biometric scanning technology to let users bypass displaying their ID or boarding pass and go directly to the security scanners.

Travelers will still need to take off their shoes and go through additional time-consuming screening processes without TSA PreCheck.

Some credit cards with an emphasis on travel, such as the American Express Platinum card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, may reimburse the cost of TSA PreCheck registration.