Now, foreign visitors to Hong Kong will be able to go to pubs and restaurants as soon as they land. But there are still a few more COVID regulations in effect.

Authorities in Hong Kong said on Tuesday that COVID limitations would be loosened and that visitors from other countries would no longer be restricted in their mobility and that they would be allowed to enter pubs and restaurants immediately upon arrival.

The municipal officials also declared their intention to discontinue the COVID scanning app, which was a requirement for citizens to enter public areas.

John Lee, the chief executive of Hong Kong, stated during his weekly news conference on Tuesday that these two choices had been reached after careful consideration of the evidence and dangers.

He said that entrance to specific locations will still require confirmation of vaccination and that the new COVID criteria will go into force on Wednesday.

The decision to loosen COVID restrictions was made one day after mainland China said that it would no longer use its COVID tracking software.

Hong Kong was permitted to adhere to a less stringent version of China’s zero-COVID approach even though the majority of the nations have already lifted COVID restrictions.

During the pandemic, an app named “LeaveHomeSafe” which was connected to homeowners’ vaccination status was used to regulate access to public and commercial spaces.

Abolition of the COVID limitations was urged by business organizations, diplomats, and many locals due to the negative effects the restrictions had on the tourism industry and the local economy.