The UK’s October half-term break is quickly approaching, however, due to exorbitant airfares, it is unlikely that the populace will get much of a rest.

Holidaying abroad has already become an expense that many people cannot afford with the pound at its lowest level versus the US dollar since 1985, energy costs soaring, and winter approaching.

Additionally, if you believe that travel is now more expensive than it formerly was, you are quite correct. Flights during the UK’s half-term break are now 42% more costly than they were before the outbreak, to be exact.

Consumer advocate which? The UK conducted research into airline expenses and discovered “significant price rises” throughout the nation.

From England’s busiest airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Manchester, and Birmingham, the business compared pricing for six well-known destinations: Alicante, Antalya, Dubai, Dublin, Malaga, and Tenerife.

Flights out of London’s Heathrow Airport had the biggest price rises.

Six weeks in advance, travelers may save an average of €290 (£262) per person on a journey from Heathrow to Spain’s Tenerife. This implies that a family of four traveling to Tenerife would have to pay an additional €2,325 (£2,096) simply for airfares.

Over three years, the cost of a flight from Heathrow to Malaga increased by almost €214 (£193), or 26%, from €99 (£89) in 2019 to €312 (£282).

From €93 (£84) in 2019 to €261 (£236) this year, Heathrow to Dublin flight prices has climbed by 181% compared to pre-pandemic levels. With prices currently averaging €177 (£160) from Gatwick, they have increased significantly from €46.50 (£42) in 2019. This is an even more dramatic surge in price.

Flights to Dublin were inexpensive at Luton and Stansted airports in London, costing just €19 (£17) and €20 (£18) each way.

Why are airfares so pricey right now?

Flights are typically more costly around the time of the school holidays, but demand has increased unexpectedly over the past two years due to travel restrictions brought on by the epidemic. However, there are other factors at play as well that are driving higher prices.

Airlines struggle to replace the workers they laid off and grounded during the epidemic. As a war-driven energy crisis develops, businesses must deal with restricted capacity as well as rising fuel prices.

Some airports established daily capacity limits on passengers and flights after mayhem engulfed many airports around Europe this summer, with staff shortages causing delays and cancellations.

How can you cut costs on half-term vacations?

One of the easiest methods to obtain cheaper flights is by making a reservation far in advance. Which? Discovered that passengers who made their reservations six months before half-term paid less at all six British airports than those who made their reservations only six weeks beforehand. When purchased six weeks in advance, only flights from Birmingham to Antalya and Stansted to Spain were less expensive.

However, as time cannot be stopped, this advice is only useful as something to put on your calendar for the following year.

Check out all your alternatives if you still need to make reservations for this year’s half-term vacation. Which? According to studies, traveling from Stansted or Luton if you live in London is frequently less expensive than flying out of Heathrow.