Many Mexican communities hold traditional celebrations for Christmas and New Year’s that have significant historical and cultural significance.

These are some of the most well-known places that visitors to Mexico should not skip while there over the holidays.

Oaxaca City

Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are among the most well-liked in Oaxaca, Mexico. Beginning in December, the city’s streets are crowded with celebrations where local and international visitors may enjoy performances and a wide variety of cuisine, including local specialties.

Children, teenagers, and adults congregate to make “posada” requests, an old custom that commemorates the time the Virgin Mary and her husband, St. Joseph, asked for a place to stay so that the Baby Jesus may be born.

Families enjoy sharing customary foods, treats, fruits, and beverages to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus on this occasion after the piata is broken.

Oaxaca commemorates Radishes Night a few days before Christmas, an exciting traditional competition that starts with the construction of an exhibition and the sale of radishes figures.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

This amazing city, which is situated in the Chiapas mountains, celebrates Christmas and New Year’s with customary dances that reflect the fusion of indigenous cultures and Spanish heritage.

A unique liturgy honoring the birth of Baby Jesus is held throughout the city. Additionally, the annual Fiesta Grande de Chiapa is planned during the first week of January, and it concludes with a delicious lunch that the entire town participates in.

This celebration, which commemorates the three community benefactors, blends popular and religious aspects to give it a distinctive flavor. A group offering is offered to the venerated Saints during the traditional Parachico Dance.

The duration of this holiday is from morning to night. Participants dress in sarapes, embroidered shawls, colorful ribbons, and wooden masks while performing. Headdresses with monteras (Spanish hats) are also common.

San Miguel de Allende

This city, which is in Guanajuato and is about two hours from Mexico City, hosts events throughout December to celebrate Christmas, which are open to tourists.

The first Friday in December is when the Christmas Tree is lit, with traditional music playing in the background and mouthwatering foods like tamales, buuelos (sweet bread), and ponche (traditional drink).

This charming town’s Main Garden is constantly bustling with celebrations, including traditional posadas, free public concerts, carols, and songs where tourists are the star guests from all over the city.

The celebrations come to an end on December 31 with the San Miguel Arcángel, the parish’s last bell, signaling the start of the New Year and a spectacular performance that is free and accessible to the public.

Puerto Vallarta

The spectacular Mexican Pacific resort of Puerto Vallarta celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve with a variety of customary activities and festivities which actually happen on the beaches with live music, performances, and the sale of customary foods, in addition to an outstanding fireworks display that lights up the stunning bay of Puerto Vallarta.

Numerous restaurants in the city provide excellent vantage points from which to see the fireworks that herald the end of the year, as well as evening packages that provide visitors with freshly prepared dinners with seasonal fare.

Families visiting Puerto Vallarta around this time should take advantage of the city’s entertainment for people of all ages featuring clowns, games, and artistic workshops and crafts for kids.

Furthermore, parties and dinners are organized all around the city at eateries and resorts as well as on the beaches. Finally, it’s important to remember that Puerto Vallarta’s top-notch restaurants are wonderful locations to savor fine dining and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.