Monday saw Princess Anne arrive in New York.

Princess Anne, the only child of the late Queen Elizabeth II, paid a surprise visit to New York City this week and immediately felt at home by boarding the Staten Island Ferry.

The New York City Department of Transportation on Tuesday posted a picture of Her Royal Highness Princess Anne gazing out the ferry’s windows on Twitter with the message, The #StatenIslandFerry was delighted to host Her Royal Highness Princess Anne today.

The excursion included a ride to the National Lighthouse Museum, where she was awarded the honorary title of “honorary chair for the National Lighthouse Museum’s Campaign for Illuminating Future Generations.”

The effort seeks to gather money for development, instruction, and preservation, the website claimed.

The princess told attendees at a luncheon at Battery Park, “I think lighthouses have been a very wonderful means of educating people about the value of marine in all its aspects.” “It’s not just about commerce; it’s about the impact of what we do to the sea, how we can better protect it, and how it impacts our lives,”

A replica of the Needles Lighthouse from the Isle of Wight was also unveiled by the museum in honor of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip during her visit. We have a terrific concept for the project,” architect Paul Alter of Skolnick Architecture and Design Partnership told The Staten Island Advance. People could band together to support the museum’s funding if the princess visits.

Anne is not the first royal to visit the borough, despite it being exciting. Her late parents visited the city in 1957, and People claim that they visited Staten Island. The Staten Island Advance said that the Queen also displayed her admiration for public transportation by riding the North Shore rail line, which was also the final occasion anyone traveled the rail before it was permanently shut down.