On one of the banks of the Porovesi River in Finland, there is a small dream house.

Called the Theatre. Hosted by architects Pirinen & Salo, this debate is an escape in a dream. Pirinen & Salo built this building for a director and it appears to be a basilica tree plant influenced by 1980s cinema.

Placed in the forest, the well is described as a cinema sanctuary, and for those who look outside, it has a profound effect. But if you continue with the original problem, you will find yourself in a place reserved for the most secret experience.

The theater is surrounded by pine trees and has an area of ​​15 meters in Finland. Hide your creative work, the house under siege, which is one of the best. Especially in a germ-infected world where it’s hard to do anything to search for holy spirits.

The adapter has a desktop mounted in the storage compartment, next to the box, sound system, lighting fixtures, and leather sofa.

You can look directly across the river from the entrance, or choose to climb the wooden stairs to see nature through the portholes. It’s a good idea that when you’re tired, it’s easy to be surprised or upset someday quietly. Also, the plant area is beautiful, without any contact with the hype of the human world this kind of experience you can only find in Finland.