Accor has allocated 589 million euros for the third quarter of 2021.

This figure increased 79% last year, reflecting a recovery from the depth of the Covid-19 slope, but still 40% to the levels seen in 2019.

“In the third quarter of 2021, there was a start.

“Our business has been very strong this summer in Europe, the Middle East, and America, especially for our resorts.

“This practice should continue until the end of the year,” said Sébastien Bazin, head of Accor.

“People want to travel again.

“With this awakening, our vision of hospitality has expanded to serve our guests outside of its restaurant space, confirmed by lifestyle improvements and the achievement of recreational and meaningful activities.”

Accor’s RevPAR increased 20% in the 15 quarters of 2021, reflecting the laborious recovery seen over the summer.

Within 15 minutes, strong demand and higher prices moved to the 15th quarter of 2019 and there were great restaurants in major entertainment areas such as France and the UK, the UAE, and the US.

September and October confirmed the return of business travelers and some MICE services, the company said.