Americans who can’t wait to travel to Australia at the end of the year will have to change their plans. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has now confirmed that the country will not open to foreign tourists until next year. The focus now is on the return of talented scholars and students.

According to Australia’s prime minister, the country is expected to lower its immunization rates on Tuesday. Then the city will start to reopen. It has set out a plan that will give immunized citizens and permanent residents the opportunity to move abroad from November onwards. This is the first time citizens have been able to travel abroad since March last year.

The President said the government would bring in talented foreigners and international students who wish to enter Australia. Foreign tourists will come later.

Immigration to Australia is currently at its lowest level since World War II, all due to infectious disease and prevention and prevention. The University of Australia relies heavily on foreign students for treatment. The Prime Minister said: “Another priority is for high-skilled migrants in the country as well as for those who have been vaccinated twice, as well as for students coming and going to Australia for their studies.”