The head of the Indian Institute of Medical Research (ICMR) Dr. Balram Bhargava urged people to celebrate low-cost ceremonies and avoid unnecessary travel, as the festival season draws near. Meanwhile, health secretary Rajesh Bhushan has asked people to celebrate as they adhere to COVID-19 standards.

The company has asked the state and territory governments of the United States to ensure that full action is taken before the festival season, as the COVID-19 issue is regulated and disseminated. The Interior Ministry has warned against counterfeiting due to the reduction in disease incidence. It is reported that the Ministry of Rural Affairs has instructed all states and Union states to implement the “rapid and effective process” outlined in the September 21 recommendations given prior to the event, by October 31 at the latest.

Regarding the decline in COVID cases, Bhushan added that the positivity rate is currently declining and this is the 13th week that cases have seen a decline, although weekly posts are still below 3%. He said, however, that their goal was to reduce these levels and state governments also saw that they were working toward a common goal.

Even though Drs. Bhargava urged people to avoid unnecessary travel this year at least during the weekly talks about the country’s COVID-19 status, Bhushan stressed that, currently, people will abide by all the rules related to COVID-19.