The city of Bangkok is looking to open up to foreign visitors from the Moon. Higher protection taxes in the country could help attract foreign tourists and boost the economy affected by the COVID epidemic.

As Bangkok mentioned, they are preparing to open visitors to the beaches of Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Cha-am. Therefore, officials from the Ministry of Tourism also added that the opening will be attempted after the visitors were sent to Phuket in a sandbox. They also said other places like Koh Chang, Chiang Rai, and Kho Kood are fully open to tourists with a travel plan from mid-October.

The final step is to complete Thailand’s sandbox project, which opened in July as a first step in reopening the country’s tourism industry. According to travel organizations, the experiment has taken a big step.

More than 27,000 Bangkok foreign tourists are said to have visited Thailand under this scheme, allowing vaccinated tourists to access Phuket and other cities or stay in hotels approved by guides. Bangkok Officials joining the program added that all hotels were licensed, fully inspected, and found that 70% of their staff had been vaccinated.

Accommodation in Phuket was also reduced from 14 to 7 August, meaning guests can choose their destination per week. Tourists who plan to visit neighboring countries say it is likely to start in 2022.