Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett has embarked on a tour to revive the progressive Caribbean travel industry.

After a successful trip to North America, the CEO will now travel to the Middle East and the UK to explore investment opportunities.

The group will accompany him as Jamaica attracts many tourists.

Before his departure, Bartlett said: “As we seek to accelerate the recovery of the travel industry, I will be leading delegations to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and the UK to explore investment opportunities in our travel area… and to analyze the earnings they generate. receive from third-party marketplaces in our marketplaceā€.

The Minister also said that investment will play an important role in the reorganization of tourism by providing the necessary funds to promote and promote the work necessary for the development and growth of tourism capacity.

Blitz was launched with a focus on the travel market at Dubai Expo 2020 in the UAE.

Jamaica is part of more than 190 exhibitors and the event has a pavilion displaying products and innovations under a Jamaican theme.

It is designed to connect the world through unique music, food, games, and other aspects of its rich heritage.

While in the UAE, the Minister of Finance and his staff will meet with local tourism leaders to discuss cooperation and investment in the tourism sector.

Bartlett will travel to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he will speak at the fifth anniversary of the Future Investment Initiative.

This year’s event will include in-depth discussions on global investment opportunities, corporate governance analysis, and in-depth discussions between leaders, global leaders, and experts.

Senator Aubyn Hill will join him in his position as undocumented minister in the ministry of economic development and job creation.

Global travel market

The recent warning against all unnecessary travel to Jamaica from the UK has paved the way for Bartlett to lead a London-based team focused on the UK market.

A landmark event at Virgin Atlantic, the China-British Airways conference will take place at the Global Travel Market in London, one of the most important annual gatherings for foreign travel companies.

In addition, the Minister of Tourism will be a special guest at the 9th Pacific Travel Conference dinner.

Continuing his international career, he will also join the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the World Travel, and Tourism Council, and the WTM Ministerial Assembly.

The extensive travel tour included media interviews, talks at the City Nation Place World Conference in London, a meeting of leaders of the Global Tourism Crisis and Resilience Management Center (GTRCMC), and his meeting with Jamaicans in the UK.

World Travel Gift

With good progress at the start of the trip, Jamaica won some of the best names at today’s World Travel Awards.

Island tours have won trophies for leading live tours of the Caribbean and Caribbean destinations, among others.