This is a water trip you will never forget. A new 50m bridge was built over Norway’s Vøringsfossen waterfall, providing a special view of the falls.

It is beautiful nature, a better waterfall experience here, thanks to this bridge. Vøringsfossen, near the Eifjord, is one of Norway’s most popular natural attractions. The waterfalls from the Hardangervidda Plateau into the Måbødalen Valley, at an elevation of 600 meters, and the bridge now offers a spectacular view of how nature works. Designed by architect Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk, the bridge has a total of 99 steps and took ten years to complete.

According to the architect, the bridge was designed to explore the area between architecture, technology, infrastructure, and nature. He also said that the bridge was built to be comfortable and connected to highways and historical circuits.

This bridge is the start of a major project that will find a way to get there as well as a cafe. In the first phase, the project includes parking lots, checkpoints, walkways, and equipment near the Fossli Hotel above the falls. Apart from being the country’s majestic waterfall, you’ll find the largest national park here with fjords, mountains, and glaciers.