BIG tokenĀ® Inc., the first public marketplace with access to its currency data, announced the survey lights this summer.

After living at home for more than a year due to illness, Business America wants to travel again. Some want to fly, but most want to walk on the road.

Checking on 5839 18 or other users between 2-12 and 2021, BIG token asked, “Are you planning to move over the next few months?” If the answer is yes, users ask more questions.

Additional information:

  • 44% plan to visit in the summer; 36% butter and 19% are indeterminate.
  • The main reasons for travel were family/friends (35%), new travels and discoveries (20%), and fever (15%).
  • Eight out of ten people travel by car and six out of ten decide to travel more than 100 kilometers from home.
  • For those planning to fly, 10 out of 10 children are ready to go and 3 out of 10 are not ready this year.
  • Athletes need new clothes (44%) and work on the feet (26%)
  • Significant challenges associated with the current transition include climate change and COVID-19; the price of gas is a major concern for passengers.

“BIG token regularly collects information from users who wish to contact us, “said BIG token President George Stella., Beverages, Entertainment, and Affordable Housing.

The BIG token Summer Business Travel Overview contains a wealth of knowledge and tips to help you travel and travel with industry products.


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