This news will be appreciated by art lovers all over the world! The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as the famous Picasso Museum in Paris, exhibited a collection of 79 Picasso masterpieces. Almost half of the artwork is said to have never been exhibited in America.

Unlike many exhibits focusing primarily on Picasso’s life, this exhibit focuses on the inspiration he drew from a particular region, namely the Franco-Spanish border, hence the name “Picasso and Southern Charm”. This is a fact that makes this exhibition unique and unmistakable for art lovers.

The wonderful exhibit is now open to visitors and showcases the work of Picasso’s over 60-year career. It also reflects his early experience, his cubic period, and surrealism.

For the uninitiated, Picasso was born in southern Spain. During a vacation in the hill towns of northern Spain along the French Riviera, Picasso created some of the most extraordinary paintings of his life, including portraits, still lives, and landscapes.

Peter Tush, the senior curator of education at the Dalí Museum, told local media: “We have always been associated with Paris, but it looks very clumsy, very uncomfortable in an urban setting. He felt very comfortable in these rural Mediterranean areas and that’s what seemed to be a success and a change in his mind, and that’s what this show brings.

The exhibition also includes historical images showing Picasso at work in the workshops on the Franco-Spanish border.

The exhibition runs until May 22, 2022, and tickets are available online from USD 25 (INR 1877) per adult.