Today, the fastest-growing high-speed travel agency Cloud beds have announced cooperation with Rakuten Travel exchange, a wide range of hotels, and several Rakuten Group travel destinations. The collaboration includes Cloud beds and Rakuten Travel, Japan’s largest OTA, and four hundred + B2B partners connected globally through API links, navigation, and websites. Thanks to different and different distribution methods, Cloud beds can expand its reach to the Rakuten Travel exchange customer in one network. Rakuten Travel exchange is once again adding to its Cloud beds product range with its attractive technology to make your business easier in every way from search engine to payroll.

“We are always looking for expensive friends to help us expand,” said Anna Tsujihata, Director of Communications and Communications at Rakuten Travel exchange. “Because cloud beds are already part of the global distribution platform, we are expanding our offering to visitors looking for products that are unique to other visitors.”

“When the tour reopens, we want our products to be available to as many customers as possible,” said Sebastian Leitner, Cloud beds ’Director of Partnerships. “We are working with Rakuten Travel exchange, the world’s leading travel and retailer in Japan, we have expanded our global profile. We are excited to work with them.”

The notification comes when the disease has started to spread and the need to travel has also increased. Since the beginning of the year, the number of Rakuten Travel exchange monthly subscriptions has increased, and demand between the United States and Mexico is strong. Once restrictions have begun to shift to other markets, these places will be followed in traditional ways. There are a huge number of possible schemes. Rakuten Travel exchange recognizes this need in real-time through its distribution network.

About Rakuten Travel exchange

Rakuten Travel Change is a global distribution and marketing company employed by Rakuten Group, Inc., a global leader in online services. It allows partners to share their content through various distribution networks, including the Rakuten Group website, other online retailers, retailers, airlines, video game programs, loyalty programs, and subscribe to non-retailers, including travel agents and local phones critics.

About the clouds

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