The other seven places on the red list – Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru, and Venezuela – will be removed on Monday.

Passengers returning from these areas to the UK do not wish to enter a restaurant for Covid quarantine.

However, the government supports the red list and quarantine policies of “quarantined” hotels.

The test will be carried out within three weeks of the red list countrys.

On Monday, eligible travelers will receive valid immunization proof from 30 other countries and territories, including Argentina, Tanzania, and Cambodia, under the UK travel comprehensive immunization policy.

This brings the number of countries and regions covered by vaccination to more than 135.

Travel writer Grant Shapps said, “This is a positive step forward for international travel that has great news today for the travel, business, and travel industries.

“We continue to make great strides in recovering from an infectious disease and today is another example of where we come from.”

He said: “Whether it’s connecting families or making it easier for consumers to shop, the success of immunization campaigns at home and abroad has allowed us to engage with this advertising.

“However, we will not be complacent and reluctant to take action and defend our solid earnings if necessary.”

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As the number of passengers on the red list has decreased in recent months, the government has reduced the number of hotel rooms required to reflect the reduction in passenger demand.

Many hotels are still waiting if the government is to respond immediately to serious threats from other cities or regions and restore quarantine services for red passengers.

In response to the report, ABTA media chief Graeme Buck said: “Very good to see the government respond to this call today.

“This report, coupled with the introduction of a two-day face-to-face screening test at a PCR center for fully vaccinated travelers returning to England – Scotland and Wales from 31 October – means cheaper and more booking processes for travel. and holidays.. easier country now. “

Danny Callaghan, president of the Latin American Tourism Team, came up with this idea.

He said: “I am delighted that the rest of the tourist destinations in Latin America are now on the red list.

“The Latin American region has an excellent immunization program and this spread is over.

“After a few difficult months, the LATA team will be delighted to look forward to bringing their customers back to this wonderful world.

“This is a very important development for the Latin American tourism sector.”