The South African Cederberg Mountains region provides visitors the chance to unwind and is featured by Extraordinary Journeys as one of the locations to watch for in 2023.

Travelers may genuinely reconnect with nature and with themselves in an environment without power, phone service, light, or noise pollution.

The area is one of the few locations where visitors may actually “star bathe,” taking in the pure night sky like the bushmen once did without the interference of the modern world. The dark-sky, off-the-grid hideaway is located beside the Doring River.

The Rooi Cederberg and Bakkrans Nature Reserve region is one of those locations where time still seems to stand; it is untamed and secluded, free from daily distractions, and full of the promise of discovery.

To develop customized, two-night itineraries in the Balkans Reserve, which is situated inside the Cederberg area, the company worked with Travel Designer, a Cape Town-based business. The firm characterized the tours as completely immersive.

Each tour will be personally hosted by well-known Southern Africans who have been carefully chosen and contribute a particular area of expertise to the event. Instead of being a destination for volume, the area offers a singular chance for like-minded travelers to come together under an African sky in a still largely uncharted region.

Because of this, the firm only operates a small number of excursions to the Balkans. Along with rock paintings that date back thousands of years and artifacts that are thought to be at least 100,000 years old, the Bakkrans Concession is also known for stargazing.

The red sandstone mountain ranges are a haven for local game, birds, and wildlife, including Cape mountain zebras, oryxes, the tiniest tortoises in the world, and the always elusive leopards of the Cape Fold Mountains. This area is widely regarded as one of the most distinctive in terms of plant and animal diversity.

The itinerary of Bakkan

The Extraordinary Journeys journeys begin with a private helicopter ride from Cape Town to the Balkans Nature Reserve and the Cederberg Mountains, where a committed staff of hosts and local experts are waiting.

Visitors may experience the area’s famed stunning environment by off-roading on a 4×4 trail inside the concession. When they arrive, visitors are encouraged to retire inside their stone and thatch Shepherd’s Hut and drink sundowners while looking out over the Tankwa Desert.

There are just eight rooms available in the traditional thatched, stone-walled veld huts, which are decorated to replicate the way of life of the herders who lived in this region during the bygone Cape border era.

The concession offers visitors complete peace and privacy when hiking, mountain biking, game drives, or just relaxing because it is far from any tourist lodges or homes.

Days will be spent hiking, looking for rock art, discovering the local flora and animals, and taking part in a variety of other activities that will help you discover the area’s enchantment. Justin Bonello, a filmmaker, chef, urban farmer, and media personality renowned for his spirit of adventure and open-air, wood-fire cooking, cooks meals on the open fire.