The beautiful island of Fiji is set to reopen foreign tourists in November this year. The country is trying to recover from the effects of the disease on its economy. Fiji plans to reopen visitors as soon as the Delta-diversity coronavirus enters the country, making it difficult for the tourism industry.

Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said in a statement, “Our mission is to liberate our country and our economy from infectious diseases.”Fiji is looking at 80 percent of the total revenue, after which it will be open for free to other visitors. Immigrant refugees have a green list. So far, the country has been able to fully vaccinate its population, with the expected results on May 1.

The first requirement is that foreigners who come to Fiji need to be vaccinated, and tested for the virus before leaving. International planning is done for tourists in such a way that they visit selected protected areas.

According to the report, 40 percent of the country’s economy is based on tourism, so it needs to be improved. There is controversy over the opening of tourists by opposition politicians. Members of the party say health care is important in the economy.