Finland became the happiest country in the world in 2022! And this is not the first but the fifth consecutive year that the nation has won the award! The other top 5 countries on the list are Denmark (second), Iceland (third), Switzerland (fourth), and the Netherlands (fifth). In the top ten also Luxembourg, Norway, Israel, and New Zealand.

Furthermore, 2022 marks 10 years since the World Happiness Report. It measures happiness based on three key factors, namely life ratings, positive emotions, and negative emotions. The ranking is based on lifetime evaluations.

In light of how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s lives, this year’s Happiness in the World Report paid particular attention to some daily emotions.

The World Happiness Report stated: “Finland is still in the first place, one of the top five Nordic countries”.

After the top ten, the other five lucky nations on the list are Austria, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and Canada. While the United States finished in 16th place on the Happy Nations list this time (compared to 19th place last year), the United Kingdom is in 17th place, the Czech Republic in 18th place, Belgium in 19th place. Place and France in 1st 20th place.

According to the report, Lebanon, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Zambia, India, Mexico, and Botswana were the ten countries with the largest reductions.

Last on the list is Afghanistan at number 146.