International flights between Srinagar and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates will soon begin. Thanks to this, Jammu and Kashmir are included in the international aviation map, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has just given the green light to start the first commercial air traffic between the two destinations.

 Hands Sinha that this is a historic milestone for J&K and its citizens. He also added that it facilitates the arrival of foreign tourists directly to Srinagar.

According to reports, Sharon was chosen as the first destination given the importance of trade between merchants of the same destination. It is known how it has been officially added that J&K’s immigration infrastructure is already up and running. He also added that due to the high demand for business travel between Srinagar and Sharjah, these places are also convenient destinations for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The civil aviation minister also added that international operations at the airport will soon continue and the terminal at Srinagar airport will grow from 25,000 square meters to 63,000 square meters. He also announced that INR 1,500 will be invested in the airport and INR 600 in Jammu airport.