The famous Jammu and Kashmir’s Dal Lake is now an outdoor swimming theatre.

An incredible new addition is made at the end of this week’s iconic celebration. Arun Kumar Mehta, first secretary, Jammu, and Kashmir opened a floating theater. Dedication saw meeting Shikhara, local artists singing and dancing to Kashmiri music.

The theater is the newest attraction in Jammu and Kashmir, and staying at Dal Lake is a bonus. Dal Lagon is certainly one of the most spectacular places in the valley, but the season attracts visitors.

During the last festival, the Bollywood film Kashmir ki Kali showed residents and tourists here in the theatre. Kashmir ki Kali was released in 1964, by Sharmila Tagore and Shammi Kapoor in Dal Lake.

Sarmad Hafeez, secretary, tourism and culture, said: “We were desperate for a night out. The idea of the outdoors is very unique, nowhere in this world. Very useful in tourism in Kashmir. Sikara, homeowner, the hotel welcomes JK pick-up tourists most safe in the event of Covid-19 giving tourism staff vaccinations. I hope the international and international community will go to JK,”

This is a great opportunity for locals working in the tourism industry, where many tourists will make a living. The recent interest of the tourism department is appreciated by everyone and that such ongoing events are contributing to the growth of tourism.