Good news for full vaccine travel visitors. Lehi County officials said not all vaccinated caregivers should send a report of RT-PCR to the United Report. In line with the legal framework, the Ladakh Ministry of Crisis, Relief, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction has transposed this new law into the Planning Act.

Under the new law, two approved medications had to be taken and the last injection 15 days before the trip. But unless visitors follow this rule, they should not show RT-PCR tests. Therefore, such fully disabled visitors should ensure that they do not have COVID-19 symptoms.

The directive states: “The district administration – Leh and Kargil draw up a reliable and confirmed plan after consulting the health department.”

If you do not have an injection or just one dose, you will need to have an RT-PCR test. Your test report must be negative and must not take more than 90 hours before you arrive in Ladakh.

Ladakh, a newly formed Union territory, is a high mountain in the Indian Himalayas. Home to the most stunning scenery and one of the most sought-after locations. Everything has been repaired ten times in Ladakh, and the years keep your business going.