Hampton by Hilton is the largest hotel brand in the industry. At several key events this year and in the years to come, we interviewed Shilton Shruti Gandhi Buckley Hilton Senior Vice President and Global Head to learn more about major global brands.

Visitors: Hampton is Hilton’s biggest brand. What do you think makes him undesirable?

Management: Hampton guests and owners have become Hilton favorites, leaders, and pioneers in the mid-35’s. The company’s strong legacy of leadership is a testament to Hampton’s world-winning and growth plan size – including being where our guests want us to be, what’s new and current, providing housing and world-class service, and our commitment to providing unmatched offerings. hospitality services. As a result of all this, Hampton gets more five-star reviews and social media than any other brand in the industry.

Hampton is the largest brand in the Hilton Portfolio with more than 2,700 worldwide and 33 national and territorial boundaries. Global success can be achieved through local planning and Hampton plans that vary from local markets to room plans to meet the diverse needs of travelers, as well as unique guest experiences and authentic accommodations.

Hampton is a pioneer in its field, being the first to offer a free hot breakfast with 100% satisfaction from Hampton. Our award-winning culture is the key difference in providing quality service, passion, ideas, and ideas that help drive a friendly and trusting experience across our global hotel chain. When you’re at a Hampton, you know you’re at a Hampton; and this gives our guests confidence that they will have a great experience when they write to us.

Guest: What’s the difference between Hampton hotels from one city to another?

Management: Hampton’s success and growth have coincided with market agnosticism, from urban areas, rural and coastal areas to rural business and academic areas. The brand’s locally designed brand and F&B offerings uphold the unique standards of Hampton hotels and allow owners and transformers to adapt their products to different market and location needs.

Examples of regional change include the Hampton being developed on Hilton Marjan Island, the world’s largest Hampton on private beaches in the Arabian Gulf; the Hampton and Hilton Alcobendas Madrid, who hails from the western Sierra MadrileƱa; at Hampton with the Hilton Tours Center, which is part of a major community development initiative in Tours, France.

Guest: What is the impact of the epidemic at Hampton?

Management: For more than a century, Hilton has built a reputation for innovation, integrity, and excellence. During the pandemic, surnames like Hampton of Hilton never mattered to many travelers. To make visitors aware of trusted brands, Hilton is highlighting programs such as Hilton CleanStay, Digital Key, and contactless login, increasing booking changes and providing staff with additional training in health and vision retention. Under the Hilton Portfolio, we see the release of complex travel demand and optimism that this process will continue as travel distribution slows.

The company’s unstoppable growth and leadership are a testament to our valuable relationships with many owners and developers who share our vision of keeping Hampton as a hospitality leader.

To date, Hampton has the largest global development path of any kind in the industry. Celebrating the recent opening of a 2,700-square-foot industrial complex, Hilton launched the world’s largest Hampton in July, welcoming China’s 200th largest company…

To show off such a great brand, if a guest were to stay at a different hotel every night, it would take almost eight years to visit all the Hamptons in the world. With a pipeline of nearly 800 106,000 homes growing, once a visitor completes his tour, it takes another two years to live in every new Hampton that opens at the time.