Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced today that Hyatt has signed a strong agreement to acquire Apple Leisure Group (ALG), a leading service, transportation, and hair care provider, including KKR and KSL Capital Partners, LLC, for $ 2,700. According to the closures, the transaction will be closed in the last quarter of 2021.

ALG’s AM Resorts® brand management platform provides services to America’s largest destination within the AMRTM collection, including Secrets® Resorts & Spa, Doto® Resorts & Spa, Breathless® Resorts & Spa, and Zoëtry® Wellness Resorts. & Spa Alua® Hotels & Resorts with fast-growing banks reaching European resorts. Prizes include ALG members, the Apple Unlimited Vacation Club®, ALG Vacations ® Company, delivery services, and travel technology. Following this event, ALG’s company will continue to be led by AL CEO Alejandro Reynal and the ALG research team. Sir. Reynal represents senior management at Hyatt and reports to Hyatt CEO Mark Hoplamazian.

“Based on the experience of Apple Leisure Group facilities, we have created the independent management project that the Hyatt family pursues,” said Mark Hoplamazian, CEO of Hyatt. “The expansion of ALG has doubled in Hyatt City. ALG’s luxury product line, integrated leadership in the sector, and many new hotels will improve our work. Etc., rapid growth in space industry under the leadership” Mostly, Hyatt revenue and $ 2 billion in additional sales to reach 80 percent of revenue. Tax before the end of 2024. “

The ALG hotel package includes more than 33,000 service rooms in 10 countries that have been surveyed in many other permanent hotels. ALG Unlimited Vacation Club® is a travel group whose members are interested in the AMR Collection award and some of the benefits. Of the 114 members, University Vacation Club® membership has grown by 18% over the last five years.

“The combination of Hyatt’s in-depth knowledge of global standards for ALG’s values, features, and advertising campaigns will increase our diversity and increase our leadership in profitable holiday travel,” he said. Alejandro Reynal, CEO of Apple Leisure Group. “I look forward to all members of ALG. I am very grateful to our partners KKR and KSL who have supported us in creating the current environment. I have become a member of our Hyatt family team and look forward to the journey. “As the business progresses, we will be able to “deliver the best city breaks in the area.” Many tourists travel the world. ”

“Today is a milestone in growing talent, talent, and involvement in the global entertainment industry, with an exciting Apple Leisure group,” said Chris Harrington and Rich Weissman, partners of KSL Capital Partners. “ALG has no better place to retain its potential than to be part of Hyatt.”