India reopened its territory after foreign visitors were closed for 20 months due to COVID.

India is open to fully immunized foreign travelers from 99 countries, including the United Kingdom, Qatar, the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and France, who will be able to specialize in the free country for free.

The decision came after the country allowed foreign and unlicensed tourists. As previously reported, India suspended tourist visas last March, which resumed on October 15th allowing them to enter customers.

According to the report, travelers from these 99 countries (known as Category A) will need to report a bad COVID reported within 72 hours of their trip to India, they will also have an air vaccination certificate. Suwidha portal.

However, the health of the tourists must be checked within the next 14 days, even if their destination is considered “dangerous”. Where the people of these countries are not considered to be at risk, they may be isolated, but they will be isolated. need to check for 14 days.

For full vaccinations from Category A countries, the updated instructions state: “If a traveler from an Indian country has a reimbursement system for admission, WHO Covid-19 approved vaccine (hand A): when given at dose full: they will accept it. Let them leave the airport and check their health for 14 days until they arrive. “

Another guideline adds: “Passengers departing from risky countries will be able to leave the airport and self-assess their health for 14 days after arrival. This applies to travelers from all countries, including countries preparing to get WHO approval of the Covid-19 vaccine. “he said.

Countries missing from the 99-country list include China, South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia.