Due to the speed of the airlines during the competition, Indian Railways announced special trains for the competition. Ganpat’s new special train training stations have been brought to Konkan province to travel across the country. Train registrations will begin in September 2021 on the IRCTC website under all conditions.

The central rail region has announced that there are special trains for the Ganpati festival to meet the needs of passengers. Forty-two trains run on Länsirautatie and 18 trains run on Konkan Railway Corporation Limited (KRCL), according to the Department of Railways. These trains run the already unpopular 72 games that already exist.

The rail administration took to Twitter and made the following announcement:

“To speed up Ganpati festival passengers, Central Railway will use another 63 trains for the Ganpati festival. This includes 112 and three of the 38 Ganpati Spl trains reported by CR and WR.”

These special trains carry passengers. Meanwhile, rail authorities have said only qualified passengers will be allowed on the special trains. These trains also require passengers to comply with COVID-19 and SOP standards while on the move. The festival is celebrated with great joy in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh.