In the new elections, the Karnataka government has expelled foreigners in Kerala for seven days from emergency accommodation if they intend to make temporary travel. The new law stipulates that temporary visitors must stay in Karnataka for three days.

The law applies to visitors to Karnataka for parental control; passengers with transportation requirements to or from Kerala; health professionals and others; first job; children under two years of age; and those in need of immediate medical attention or death at home.

On the other hand, students and staff coming to Karnataka travel are required to submit a set of weekly RT-PCR type certificates. Such certificates shall not exceed 72 hours. Even immigrants received treatment or two.

A statement was released yesterday stating that all the requirements to close the seven-day secret accommodation for Kerala students have been met by academic officials and arranged by the students and their students.

The circle also said staff should be isolated and should not be in this building. They were tested after seven days.