Expo 2020 Dubai organizers described the program’s first month as a “huge success”, announcing an impressive 2,350,868 visits in October.

Unforgettable events, entertainment, and seminars attract people from the UAE, the region, and beyond.

So far, visitors under the age of 18 have accounted for 28% of visits, but this number is expected to grow as the Expo School program expands in the coming winter months.

Using a global survey, 17% of total visits are from overseas, which is especially good considering events that occurred when covid’s restricting on travel.

Expo counts 185 countries on its doorstep, as well as India, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and the UK in the five most popular overseas markets.

Most visitors plan frequent visits, with more than half (53%) passing through the aisle, more than a quarter (27%) entering multiple-day passes, and 20% staying on ticket entry dates.

A total of 1,938 heads of state, including ministers, heads of state, prime ministers, and heads of state, urged Expo sites to open their local warehouses, speak at government events or celebrate their country’s National Day.

Many of the 192 State Pavilions are hugely popular – the first time in World Expo history that each participating country has its pillar.

The Saudi Arabian Pavilion, one of the largest sites, has attracted half a million visitors.

During the first month of the program, 5,610 government programs were held in all Expo locations.

As the UAE enters the winter months and the weather gets better, the number of visitors is expected to increase significantly, which also attracts the ongoing Expo program.

One month in November will be the end of a week of Diwali, Nancy Ajram, and Ragheb Alama celebrations as the culmination of a second endless night music program and the start of a busy program celebrating the UAE’s Golden Jubilee.