KANSAS CITY, MO – MMGY Global Travel Intelligence, MMGY Global Research, and Intelligence Sharing produced a “Portrait of American Travel” study at the end of July. Publication in the fall.  It also shows that many vaccinated and non-vaccinated people plan trips in the coming months, but their planned trips are different.

U.S. vacation expectations have risen over the next three months, with 53% of U.S. adults planning to do so – MMGY Global more than 50% in the April summer version of the Portrait American Travel survey. Although growth continues to be strong, the third growth has slowed after the rapid summer movement and its MMGY Global impact on Delta’s various business practices is still being investigated. 73 percent of U.S. adults expect to leave over the next six months, which is not a big change from the April 72 percent recommendation.

There is a difference between cut and exact visitors

Although more than half (54%) of physicians received MMGY Global COVID-19, it is surprising to find that travel status did not affect travel goals. In fact, 80% of vaccinated tourists plan to leave in the next six months, while 81% of vaccinated visitors.

So this difference is most evident in people’s travel plans. It has been observed that many tourists plan to stay in a hotel/lounge, walk in their car, visit friends and relatives, travel around the world and go on a world tour in the next six months. One month compared to unplanned injections. Refugees who did not grant conditions were more likely to plan a conference or conference trip (10%) than those affected (6%).

When asked about injection methods for commercial and leisure workers, many people found that these requirements affect their ability to travel. Compared to other competitions, the millennial kingdom actively traded or organized, spent the night in a hotel or vacation, or traveled by plane or boat when they needed a passport to protect their friends. Employees of Transport Companies.

What does the holiday look like?

Forty-two percent of U.S. officials wanted to connect with friends and family and revitalize a happy cultural vacation and planned to travel this year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Ukanukon, or Quanza. Smaller tribes also have a strong desire to travel – 61% of the millennium and 52% of Gen As the plan to pack their suitcases for one holiday. When planning a holiday, 42% plan to visit friends and relatives and therefore 31% plan to spend a family holiday (without visiting friends/family) and 28% plan to meet with a family or community in a holiday community. . The location is not relevant to vacationers when planning and 40 percent of vacation plans plan to travel more than 500 miles from home.