There are now six additional possibilities for tourists to visit Greece with Contiki. The tour business which caters to adults between the ages of 18 and 35 claims that rising interest in Greece and its islands have encouraged it to expand the variety of itineraries available to young tourists.

Greek Island Hopping Plus and Athens to Santorini Plus are two new itineraries that have been developed from current itineraries but now feature twin-share lodging in a four-star hotel rather than a multi-share hostel.

The firm has also introduced Spotlight on Greece & Greek Island Hopping Plus and Spotlight on Greece & Athens to Santorini Plus for those who wish to explore mainland Greece.

There is also an 11-day Greek Explorer itinerary that explores Greece’s historical past while also taking in the country’s natural scenery and traditional communities, including a stop in Corfu.

Travelers will get the opportunity to see the monasteries in Meteora, go rafting on the River Voidomatis, and enjoy a traditional boat tour in Corfu.

An alternate island-hopping journey that explores more of Greece’s southern coast and sees some of the country’s lesser-known islands is the nine-day Athens, Naxos & Crete package.

Two traditional villages will be visited throughout the trip, and there will also be an opportunity to visit the Koufonisia islands and participate in an optional climb via Samaria Gorge. Bookings for the new excursions can be made now, with departures beginning in April 2023.