The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Neom have teamed up for a new plan focused on the future of travel in Saudi Arabia.

Future Travel Experience’s challenge is to learn new and disruptive business models regarding future travel needs, in line with the increasing demand for new experiences.

All statements will be in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, stated by UNWTO, and include the introduction or adaptation of digital content and technology and media.

They will focus on at least one of the following areas:

• Promote and enhance the strength of tourism.

• Incorporate the positive impacts of new technologies.

• Other types of business.

• New experience.

This competition is the first national initiative that aims to identify new companies that will lead to the transformation of the travel sector in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from applied business, the competition also welcomes applications from startups and innovators from Saudi Arabia who has ideas that can transform and motivate travelers by creating travel routes and reasons for travel.

Applications are open until October 24, expect great interest, participants must be citizens of Saudi Arabia who are legally entitled to the contract.

Successful projects will be selected based on various criteria, such as level of innovation, strength, and support.

A member of the UNWTO since 2019, Neom is located in northwest Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea.