Under the latest Russian government legislation, passengers are now required to show proof of protection against the COVID 19 virus.

Russian authorities have issued a provision to allow passengers to view QR codes for air and rail travel up to the 1st of June. However, the government has not yet set a date for the new law.

According to Russian transport officer Vitaly Savelyev, “A medical certificate will be issued when purchasing the ticket and on the plane or plane or train.”

The law has not yet received parliamentary approval, but the start date of the new law is February 1, 2022. According to reports, QR codes will also be required for restaurants and other public places. However, this can vary from area to area, depending on the extent of the disease. The regulation also stipulates that passengers can submit a negative RT-PCR test report instead of a QR code.

Russia killed more than 500,000 people from COVID-19 in November of this year, according to Rosstat, according to Satay statistics. In addition, the country has reported the largest number of cases per day since the outbreak occurred. Russia also has the highest coronavirus death rate.

Currently, only 40% of the population is vaccinated.