Seychelles are open to visitors from all countries.

Referring to this, the Seychelles Ministry of Health recently announced an update on this trip, stating that this is regardless of the COVID-19 vaccination rate. According to the report, International Airport is open to all commercial flights, but passengers will be asked to submit evidence of a fake PCR test within 72 hours of departure.

As previously reported, the country remains open to visitors regardless of their vaccination status, as long as they present evidence of a COVID-19 negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travel. At that time, however, only visitors who came to India, Brazil, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan arrived during the 14 days before Seychelles arrived.

To participate in this trip, travelers also need a valid medical travel permit (HTA), which can be done through the online portal at

The report says that everyone who wants to travel to the country wants to purchase high-quality travel health insurance, including at least COVID-19 testing, solitary confinement, and hospitalization. Passengers meet these requirements, will not be isolated, will remain minimal, or feel no movement restrictions when entering Seychelles.

However, all visitors to Seychelles will still have to follow other public health procedures, which are applied due to the disease, such as wearing face masks, maintaining social isolation, and maintaining hand hygiene. Guests will also be advised to ensure that reservations are made only at official facilities approved by public health authorities.